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Traditional Chinese Painting - Plum Blossom

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2009.01.26, the most important holiday in Taiwan & China is the Lunar New Year. Since it is based on the lunar calendar, it comes about a month later than the Western New Year. The Chinese New Year season traditionally lasts about a month . The period has now been reduced to a week or less. There are some parallels with the Western New Year: houses are cleaned thoroughly, for instance, and families all get together for the festivities. All debts must be paid off so that new year can be started with a fresh beginning. Feasts are enjoyed with family and friends, and there are lively dragon and lion dances in the streets. Everywhere there is the sound of fire cracker explosions. Children receive gifts of little red envelopes with money inside them.

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Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. The earliest paintings were not representational but ornamental; they consisted of patterns or designs rather than pictures. Stone Age pottery was painted with spirals, zigzags, dots, or animals. It was only during the Warring States Period (403-221 B.C.) that artists began to represent the world around them.

At New Year’s time most Chinese families paste signs on and around the front doors of their homes. These signs consist of black or gold Chinese characters written on squares or strips of red paper, because red is a happy color which brings good luck. The New Year sayings written on them are usually good luck phrases, or words related to spring—a symbol or new growth, new hope, new beginnings—since in China the New Year also marks the beginning of spring. On New Year’s Day people dress in their best clothes to go visiting relatives and friends, wishing everyone they meet a Happy New Year. Most shops are closed on this day; some stay closed for three days some up to a week, and then open their doors to the new year with the explosion of long strings of fire crackers.

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