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How many times do you meet me on this site ?

It's very interesting!! So an integration of Blogger and Skype templates will be coming up soon.

Making friends from the world thru your blogger and skype,or sharing your skype stories attracts readers to SkypeYou!! Welcome to download blogger templates to let us get touch easily. If you have question, just SkypeMe!!

Bread?? Dare eat??

Scary new models of bread that you did not eat!!

Bangkok western Ratchaburi province a bakery recently launched a series of similar new models of the human body bread, including the head, trunk and limbs and other body parts. According to a bakery owner, the type of bread they introduced to the performance of Buddhist teachings with this form of false description That is : Do not believe their eyes and see things, a lot of things are illusory; eyes to see. hearts tend to think of things in this form is not (to famous, color). This indicated the bakery bread used only for displaying, not really on the market. Thailand is a Buddhist country, 95% of the national practice of Buddhism, Buddhist temple pagoda many, "Buddhas" country of the good name. Buddhist Thailand's political, economic, social and cultural areas such as the arts have a major impact.


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