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How many times do you meet me on this site ?

It's very interesting!! So an integration of Blogger and Skype templates will be coming up soon.

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Be Careful In the Street!! Trafic? No...

Now you should be more careful to do anything in the street!!
Google Street View Captures....

[Man/Woman Peeing In the Street...But, it has been Deleted]

[Entering an adult book store...]

[City sun bathing...]

[Crime in progress???]

Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps and Google Earth that provides 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic street level views and allows users to view parts of some regions of the world at ground level. When it was launched on May 25, 2007, only five American cities were included. It has since expanded to thousands of locations in the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and includes a variety of urban and rural areas.
Google Street View displays photos taken from a fleet of Chevrolet Cobalts in United States and Opel Astras in Europe, mounted with spherical cameras and placed in 'image orbs' within Google's maps, displayed against the backdrop of images previously taken from satellite that make up Google's maps. These 'image orbs' can be navigated using either the arrow keys on the keyboard or by using a mouse to click on arrows displayed on the screen. Using these devices, the photos can be viewed in different sizes, from any direction, and from a variety of angles. Lines that are displayed along the street that is shown indicate the direction followed by that street view camera car.
Google has demonstrated Street View on prototype phones running Google's Android OS[citation needed], and is a part of the Google Maps program pre-installed on the T-Mobile G1. On November 21, 2008, Street View was added to the Maps application installed on Apple's iPhone. On December 10, 2008, Street View was added to the Maps application for S60 3rd Edition.

So try to find some funny and real photos on Google Maps!!


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