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How many times do you meet me on this site ?

It's very interesting!! So an integration of Blogger and Skype templates will be coming up soon.

Making friends from the world thru your blogger and skype,or sharing your skype stories attracts readers to SkypeYou!! Welcome to download blogger templates to let us get touch easily. If you have question, just SkypeMe!!

Happy 牛(New) Year ~~

2009.01.26 Today is Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year).
Do you know why I use this word??
is Ox. It pronounces "niu" in Chinese, close to "new". And Chinese has a unique way of representing the lunar new year through animals, the different ones to represent each year of a 12-year cycle. 2009 turns year of the Ox!!
How to say Happy New Year in Chinese ? It's "Xin Nian Kuai Le".
How to write ? It's the following 4 words :

We usually celebrate by setting off firecrackers and place some Spring Festival couplets like below...

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