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Training Your Brain

Yale University 5-year research results: a separate map you are using right brain or left brain!
If you see this is the dancers turn clockwise, you use the right brain;
If it is anti-clockwise turn to show that you can use the left brain.
Yale University 5-year time-consuming research, it was said.
14% of Americans may be able to see both directions
Clockwise turn, belong to the right brain is more the type of
Belonging to the anti-clockwise to use more left brain type
In the eyes of most people is anti-clockwise rotation, but some people seem to be rotating clockwise.
Clockwise, more women than men ~

The anti-clockwise rotation, clockwise, then all of a sudden become, IQ is above 160!!!
Science Magazine - the special genius of thinking
Parietal lobe of the brain in charge of mathematics and logic, which is also Einstein's genius to become a secret. However, it is undeniable, and Einstein's imagination and creativity, his right brain is constantly inspired by the potential of one of the important factors.
Because the language is left to deal with the message, control knowledge, sense, the thinking was known as the "intellectual brain"; while the right brain controls the autonomic nervous system and word-chou resonance fluctuations, as is the brain image, the ability to design superior, Known as the "brain art."

About the magic of the right brain function, began in 1981 Roger Dr. Shi Beili California Institute of Technology Nobel Prize-winning study of right-brain, right brain of people began to know about that until then, people Do not think that the left brain and right brain function is there such a big difference. Pele in the history of segmentation of the brain experiments found that the left brain and right brain hemispheres of the two entirely different ways in thinking, he found the language used to think left brain, right brain thinking is based on images; left brain bias Language, logical thinking, is the right brain imaging and image thinking.

According to Dr. Tian Zhen seven studies that were born in the early days, the right brain's ability to very advanced beyond the right brain has the kind of common sense could be described as almost completely unknown genius-like ability, the ability to hide in ancient times People mind, is a beyond time and space, with an unlimited realm with the ability to link to, but because the human world is to educate, open the left brain, and to give the children to learn the language necessary to survive in the future, as well as the knowledge, time goes by, More and more developed left brain, right brain due to the use and become degraded. As for what kind of adults easier to open the right brain, Dr. Tian Zhen seven of the view that efforts to focus, not pure prejudice, easier to enter the magical world of the right brain.

Do you think the super-capable? If you have read the (rain), the film, Dustin Hoffman film of a certain brother as impressive, he not only can quickly correct a few scattered in a number of matches, but as his brother Tom Muke Lu Adams also used his talent intrinsic differences "Focus" ability to find people on the casino playing cards, the results of the opponent's card in Dustin Hoffman's "preoccupation", was a list of perspective is no doubt that Tom Cruise is therefore win A large sum of money.

Perhaps you will say it is a movie exaggerated the case, the real world, people can not have that kind of ability. If you think you have committed a habit of thinking left brain error, in fact, the other half of the human brain - right brain, left brain is the ability to have a thinker's hard to imagine.

When I try not to look like, but to look at the shadow of the foot on the ground, in his mind, "would" have to turn it clockwise, she clockwise, counterclockwise to her, she counter-clockwise, If you can control the thinking of turning the same picture. And if the spirit of the highly concentrated, as people will be able to swing around and around is not a complete circle. I have been trying not to look at the long term to the portrait, she stationary. This game is the most fun place, you can only play its own, and then you and others that your feelings, they will absolutely do not believe in the beginning. However, you can not see your picture in any way with record proved to be someone else, because there are only in your mind. However, if other people have to adapt, to see this, they would unconditionally agree with you, if you shared between heaven and earth a great secret.

Idealists should be very much like the example of territory by heart. However, in my view, it is best suited to a man playing on the computer screen. The very beginning, I can only see the anti-clockwise. And so I occasionally see in a clockwise direction, has been a clockwise rotation. And so on and I like to cover, only the shadow of foot and tried to think "change" its direction of rotation and be successful, such a view has played for half an hour. A person, a map, there is no light in the middle In addition to the media, but you can control is its rotation, a very interesting game.


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