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Back Home Vacation

2008.11.13 Day1 Back Home Travel Map

AM 05:30 Day is not bright, like dark night. Ready to go out!!
天都還沒亮, 就準備出門了

AM 07:20 Ningbo Lishe Airport Check In
寧波櫟社機場Check In

Pandas will send to Taiwan. 團團圓圓來囉~~

AM 08:30 Boarding on China Eastern Airplane. 中國東方登機

AM 11:00 Arrive at Hong Kong Airport, looks a little deserted, it should be economy recession~~
到達香港機場, 看起來有點冷清, 應該是不景氣吧~~

I've got to go now for change flight...Continued
先這樣了, 又要前往轉機路上...待續. Post at HK Airport

Keep going : PM 12:50 Boarding on China Airplane. 華航登機

But Take off delay to PM 1:40.
PM 03:00 Arrive at Taiwan Taipei Airport. Not finish.
Immediately rush to Taipei SongShan Station.
PM 04:40 Take train to Hualien.

PM 07:00 Finally, Arrive Home, and still dark night like my go out.

Day1 is travel day. It spent my whole day!!


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