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How many times do you meet me on this site ?

It's very interesting!! So an integration of Blogger and Skype templates will be coming up soon.

Making friends from the world thru your blogger and skype,or sharing your skype stories attracts readers to SkypeYou!! Welcome to download blogger templates to let us get touch easily. If you have question, just SkypeMe!!

Einstein Or Marilyn Monroe?

Step away from the computer, what do you see then? You should be looking at Marilyn Monroe.

Looking at the world is an active process and the model of the eye as a camera we now know is over simplistic. What does the artist do? Represent the world? Have I raised doubts about how this might not be quite as simple as you first imagined.

This website is for those interested in finding out more about the history of art—it is not just a directory of artists and their paintings. There about 3,500 images and 4,000 web pages of notes taken during a four year degree course on the history of Western art. To get started click on one of the topics on the left or use the search box below the topics to find an artist or topic but beware—many of the pages are my raw notes and it will take me a few years to turn them into comprehensible prose.

近視的人戴眼鏡看的是愛因斯坦 , 取下眼鏡看到的是瑪麗蓮夢露


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