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How many times do you meet me on this site ?

It's very interesting!! So an integration of Blogger and Skype templates will be coming up soon.

Making friends from the world thru your blogger and skype,or sharing your skype stories attracts readers to SkypeYou!! Welcome to download blogger templates to let us get touch easily. If you have question, just SkypeMe!!

2009 World Game in Kaohsiung, Taiwan!! 高雄世運

Finally, a great World Game will hold in Kaohsiung Taiwan during 2009.07.16 ~ 26!! Now you can easily get 2009 World Game Countdown, News, Game Schedule, Video, Map information by this gadget. Visit 2009 World Game in Kaohsiung, Taiwan!! to read more detail about the gadget.

About The World Games --
Competitions at the highest level in a multitude of diverse, popular and spectacular sports make up the mainstay of The World Games.Sports practiced on land, in the air, in and on the water, they all concur in the pursuit of 'Faster, Higher, Stronger'.
At quadrennial intervals, in the years following the Games of the Olympiad, the world’s best athletes in these sports unite in their common search for excellence during The World Games. As the pinnacle in the competition calendar and as a highly visible stage for top athletes to perform on, The World Games generate worldwide exposure for the participating sports and athletes alike.
Above all, The World Games provide the unique setting for thousands of athletes from different sports and countries to join in a celebration of unity and friendship across all boundaries. The World Games are the MAIN EVENT for all these athletes – one marked by sporting exploits as well as by camaraderie.


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